Sparks of Hope director teases return to “glory” for Rayman and secret DLC message

Will we see the likes of Rayman and Globox again?

Will there be a Rayman return?

Rayman fans are over the moon after the announcement that the limbless hero will be featured in the next Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope DLC. However, there might be more to look forward to. The game’s director, Davide Soliani, teased a return to glory for the French platforming mascot Wednesday. He also confirmed there will be a secret message if you finish the DLC with a 100% completion rate. The prospects of the first Rayman game since 2013 might come to fruition.

According to fan community leader ItzalDrake from Rayman Together, Sparks of Hope director Davide Soliani sent a message to the character’s fanbase just before the launch of the Phantom Show DLC:

“I hope that all the community and all Rayman players support us as much as possible because I’m on a mission: my mission is to be able to bring Rayman back to the glory he deserves.”

When was the last Rayman game released?

The limbless hero has been absent for a long time, which is strange as he was an important mascot for Ubisoft during the beginning of the studio’s history. The last true game in the series was Rayman Legends, released back in 2013: a decade ago this month. If you want to go all the way back, the last 3D platforming adventure Rayman 3 came out in 2003. A fourth entry or even a follow-up to the 2D platforming subseries would be a dream for many fans of the series.

Soliani did not outright confirm a new game in the series, but as previously mentioned, he has teased a secret hidden message for those who 100% complete the DLC. “I hope for your support and I hope you like it!” he concluded in his message to the fans.

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