Homeworld 3 reveals new roguelike multiplayer mode called War Games

Space RTS meets roguelike with Homeworld 3’s new War Games mode.

Homeworld 3 War Games mode

Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Publishing have released some more details about the upcoming space RTS Homeworld 3. The newest installment in the Homeworld series will feature a new roguelike-inspired multiplayer mode called War Games. Unveiled at GamesCom, the new mode creates a strategic co-op experience mixed with elements of roguelike gameplay.

War Games can be played solo or cooperatively with up to two others, meaning three players in total. Plays will select a starting fleet and command it through a series of three randomized combat challenges, hence the roguelike mechanics. Those who successfully manage their fleets through the objectives obtain Artifacts that can augment their ships.

Also, players will earn experience for progressing through War Games which unlocks additional Artifacts and starting fleets. Blackbird plans to continue evolving War Games even after launch with optional premium content expansions.

At a glance, this mode reminds me somewhat of the StarCraft 2 co-op modeI was already looking forward to Homeworld 3, so a continuously replayable roguelike mode sounds like a great addition to the RTS. Typically there’s not much reason to replay a campaign in this sort of title, so a mode like this is a perfect fit.

Additional campaign details and mod support

During Gamescom Opening Night Live we also got some campaign details in the Homeworld 3 Story Trailer. The all-new original story takes place decades after Homeworld 2 and focuses on the looming threat to the Hiigaran fleet.

A sudden brutal attack by a new enemy known only as the Incarnate forces the Hiigarans to cross into the Anomaly, and face new dangers inside.

We also got some details regarding planned mod support with Homeworld 3. Modders will be able to create their own content and share it easily with other players using mod.io. At launch players will also have the tools to customize ships and build their own levels for Skirmish mode within an Unreal game editor. Players will be able to place megaliths, resources, and other objects to create completely unique battlefields and maps.

By partnering with mod.io, Homeworld 3 mods will be available on both Epic Games Store and Steam when the RTS releases.

The sci-fi space RTS recently suffered a delay moving it out of the first half of 2023. Homeworld 3 now launches in February 2024 on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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