Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Johnny Build

Learn how to turn Johnny into a killer that rivals Leatherface.

Johnny in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

We’ve previously shared some tips on how to survive the Slaughter Family‘s attempts at catching victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, so now we’re about to share some tips on how to make Johnny a better killer in an attempt to even the odds — just kidding, Johnny will become rather overpowered and Victim players will hate us for it.

Johnny in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Here’s Johnny, one of the Slaughter Family’s most effective killers in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

What makes Johnny special? Well, when the Victim Team isn’t up against Johnny, proper stealth will do to avoid getting killed. When a properly built Johnny is on the enemy team, however, no amount of stealth will keep you safe as Johnny will still have Hunt, a special ability that guarantees he’s able to track down anyone in his vicinity.

Johnny's stats in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Base Stats:

Savagery: 30

Blood Harvest: 16

Endurance: 30

To turn Johnny into a monster worthy of his own film series, we should focus on his strongest traits, his Savagery and Endurance. Yes, Johnny’s Blood Harvesting attribute, the one required to get Grandpa Slaughter to work for the team, isn’t great. That’s OK, as Johnny doesn’t really need the old man. If we focus on raising his Savagery and Endurance, he’ll become nearly as strong as Leatherface — and will feature abilities that more than make up for any remaining shortcomings.

What are the best perks for Johnny?

Johnny's best perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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If you want Johnny to turn into a lethal hound, I recommend you pick these perks:

Feral – Raises Johnny’s endurance and lethality.

Warmed Up – Grants Johnny the absolutely unfair opportunity to track down the last surviving victim as soon as he attacks them — if they survive. This is great to make sure the victims don’t get the last laugh.

Patience – Allows Johnny to spend much less on abilities when he’s standing still, meaning that he gets to track his victims with Hunt way more often.

Brute Strength (Grandpa Ability) – Makes not just Johnny, but the entire family team, stronger.

If you build Johnny like this, then congrats, you’ve just created a monster with an all-smelling nose that’s also very good at both catching his victims and finishing them off.

You can now begin your unfair hunting spree in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (also on Game Pass), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.


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