Will NHL 24 be on Xbox Game Pass?

It will be on EA Play Pro at least

Is there an NHL 24 Xbox Game Pass launch?

NHL 24 on Xbox Game Pass would let us get our skates on and play ice hockey online without breaking the bank. Many sports games are on the service right now, adding to the fuel that the game will join the service. It would definitely be a well-timed slapshot for EA to bring in players to NHL 24. Here’s what we know about NHL 24 on Xbox Game Pass.

Is NHL 24 on Xbox Game Pass?
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Will there be an NHL 24 Xbox Game Pass launch?

There won’t be an Xbox Game Pass launch for the game, as of writing. It will not be available on the service day one and will be available to purchase at $69.99. However, if you have a PC that runs NHL 24, you can play the game through EA Play Pro. For $14.99 a month, you can play the latest EA games on your computer, including NHL 24, Madden NFL 24and the Dead Space remake. There’s also an option to get a yearly subscription at $99.99.

Will NHL 24 ever come to the Game Pass service?

There is a high likelihood the sports title will be on Xbox Game Pass at some point in the future. NHL 23 didn’t join the service until April 13, 2023. This was six months after its initial release date. NHL games usually arrive on Xbox Game Pass when the season is near its end.

NHL 24 may be worth purchasing this year, however. EA Sports is introducing an all-new Exhaust Engine. Goalies will tire after every simultaneous attempt at scoring, and perks will activate when special circumstances play out on screen. The physics system has also been overhauled. On the official website, EA claims that physical contact is revolutionized and “[delivers] realistic body checks like never before.” There are also “new rag-doll and animation-based reactions” that “create big moments at any point in the game.”

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